Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation works of Coater Plant

Location : OGC, Yanbu

PROJECT SAR- COST : 3,850,000.00

Eurotech / Muhaidib

Khumra effluent pumping station E&I works

Location : Khumra/Jeddah

PROJECT SAR- COST : 1,700,000.00

Bartec / JGC

To install Heat Tracing system

Location : KJO, Khafji

PROJECT SAR- COST : 700,000.00

Al Waha / Sahara Plant

Electromechanical works

Location : Sahara Plant, Jubail

PROJECT SAR- COST : 1,017,929.00


Design, supply and installation of heat tracing system at GOSP-1,2,3,4 at Aindar /Aramco

Location : Aindar/Abqaiq

PROJECT SAR- COST : 6,144,000.00

Total Lube

Installation and commissioning of MEI works

Location : Rabigh

PROJECT SAR- COST : 1,700,000.00

Jubail Chemical Industries

Installation and commissioning of SRS project includes civil, structure, equipment, piping, electrical and instrumentation.

Location : Jubail

PROJECT SAR- COST : 1,500,000.00

Jubail Chemical Industries

Repair of ECH line at industrial port

Location : Industrial Port, Jubail

PROJECT SAR- COST : 400,000.00


Re-habilitation of MED Plant

Location : Jubail

PROJECT SAR- COST : 300,000.00

Samsung Engineering, Jubail

Electrical and instrumentation work at SOCC AA Plant

Location : SOCC AA , Jubail

PROJECT SAR- COST : 3,881,771.00