Operation & Maintenance

The scope of Operation & Maintenance includes the activities required to keep the entire built environment as contained in the organization's construction of facilities and their supporting infrastructure, including utility systems and all equipments in a condition to be used to meet their intended function during their life cycle. These activities include preventive and predictive (planned) maintenance and corrective (repair) maintenance. Preventive Maintenance (PM) consists of a series of time based maintenance requirements that provide a basis for planning, scheduling, and executing scheduled (planned versus corrective) maintenance. PM includes adjusting, lubricating, cleaning, and replacing components. Time intensive PM, such as bearing/seal replacement, would typically be scheduled for regular (plant or unit) shutdown periods. Corrective maintenance is a repair necessary to return the equipment to properly functioning condition or service and may be both planned or un-planned. Some equipment, at the end of its service life, may warrant overhaul. The definition of overhaul is the restoration of an item to a completely serviceable condition as prescribed by maintenance serviceability standards.Requirements will vary from a single facility, to a site, to groups of sites. In all cases Operation & Maintenance requires a knowledgeable, skilled, and well trained management and technical staff and a well planned maintenance program which is provided by WAPStech.
The goals of our comprehensive maintenance program include the following:

  • Reduce capital repairs
  • Reduce unscheduled shutdowns and repairs
  • Extend equipment life, thereby extending facility life
  • Realize life-cycle cost savings
  • Provide safe, functional systems and facilities that meet the design intent.