WAPStech is the foremost instrument and electrical maintenance contractor in Saudi Arabia, with extensive experience in the most advanced digital process control and on-line analyzer systems for the Power, Desalination, oil refineries and petrochemical industries. In addition WAPStech possesses the capability to take up electrical jobs of any type and nature pertaining to transformers, generators, motors, LV/HV switchgears, GIS etc.

Power and Distribution Transformers

WAPStech services group possesses full range of facilities to install, test and commission all types of new transformers including oil filled transformer with rated power from 500KVA to 150 MVA. Its transformer testing squad is equipped to perform all commissioning tests for power transformer such as:

  • Insulation resistance measurement
  • Winding resistance measurement
  • Separate source voltage withstand test
  • Induced over potential test
  • Transformer Turn Ratio (TTR) test
  • Magnetizing current measurement
  • Impedance voltage measurement
  • Power factor measurement
  • Copper losses measurement
  • Di-electric and DGA test for transformer oil

In addition,WAPStech possesses the capability to perform Frequency Response Analysis of power transformers to detect mechanical damages due to transportation, short circuit forces, aging of insulation structure as well as a preventive tool to avoid unplanned outages and improve system reliability.

Comprehensive overhaul of power transformers including de-tanking for internal inspecti on, insulation repair, OLTC, Non destructive electrical tests for measurement of excitation current, impedance voltage, TTR, Tan-delta test, oil analysis etc.

Dissolve Gas Analysis of transformer oil by gas chromatography and recommendation of remedial action. Reclamation of oil to meet IEC standards for power transformer.

Generators & Motors

We can carryout extraordinary inspection of generators of any size and type including dismantling and reassembling of generator, wedge tightness and complete re-wedging of stator, testing of stator winding for insulation credibility using corona discharge test, dissipation factor measurement test, identification of core problems by EL-CID test. Complete overhauling and testing of rotor with brushless and static excitation system using latest test techniques.
Up gradation of conventional excitation system to state of the art digital excitation system to ensure smooth and trouble free generation

Generators & Motors

WAPStech has been involved in erection, testing and commissioning of LV/ HV switchgears including GIS with different main bus configurations comprising following major components:

  • Circuit Breakers
  • Disconnecting and Grounding Switches
  • CT(s) /PT (s)
  • Substation bus bars and insulators
  • Coupling capacitors
  • Grounding system and Surge Arrestors
  • UPS, Station Batteries and Battery Chargers
  • VFD(s) Variable Frequency Drives
  • LV / MV Cable terminations and testing

In addition,WAPStech is capable to check the credibility of air circuit breakers, vacuum circuit breaker, gas insulated circuit breakers etc using latest circuit breaker analyzer. Dismantling and internal inspection of gas insulated circuit breaker interrupter chamber, pneumatic and hydraulic operating mechanism for proper functioning and alignment.

Lightening & Earthing Protection System

WAPStech possesses the capability of designing, installation and testing of Protective Earthing, System Earthing, Electronic System Protection, Lightening Protection and Cathodic Protection System of industries.

Electrical Heat Tracing System

An electrical heat tracing system uses electrical heating elements to replace the heat that is lost through thermal insulation system. Replacing the lost heat allows the pipe and product inside the pipe to be kept at a constant temperature. This will keep water from freezing and bursting the pipe, or a liquid from setting up and plugging the pipe. Simple control may turn the entire system on with a contactor or switch, while others will use a thermostat with each heating circuit to control the temperature of individual pipe line or equipment.

WAPStech possesses the capability of design, installation and commissioning of full range of electrical heat tracing of pipes of all sizes/material, vessels, storage tanks, agitators etc. It includes design and supply of control panel using state of the art digital control modules, Self limiting heating element, MI ( Mineral Insulated) heating cables and Flour polymer insulated heating element to meet all temperature requirements.